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Leadership Development

The science and craft of creative leadership.

Our approach to developing creative leaders is built upon rigorous psychological science and applied practice in helping leaders and their teams thrive.


We work with leaders to build self-insight, and to learn the skills required to drive organizational innovation.

Coaching Info

Brendan was able to pick out key themes about me and my leadership style, as well as guide me towards specific actions to help me achieve my goals. Brendan’s insights and questions provided the clarity I needed.”

Diana Krohn, Director of Innovation, Technical Operations, United Airlines

OUR Approach to Coaching


  • Creative leadership is measurable, learnable, and attainable. We are explicitly optimistic about every leader's potential to improve.

  • The context of creative leadership is unique to every leader, team, and organization. Each leader's challenges and goals are unique, and our approach to serving them is accordingly personalized.

  • Leadership is a dynamic process of continual change; no one, including us, is done growing.

How it works

  • Coaching begins with an assessment to objectively understand each leader's unique strengths and developmental targets and to set a plan for their development.

  • Coaching is provided in 6-month packages, regardless of how frequently we meet with the leader.

  • Leaders are our clients and their business is our customer. Leaders' personal success and fulfillment most often come hand-in-glove with their organization's success; they need not be exclusive.

What leaders can Expect

  • Insight into why they lead the way they do, and what impact their leadership has on their organization.

  • Exposure to relevant knowledge, best practices, and practical advice.

  • A space to practice newly acquired leadership techniques without fear of failure or judgment.

  • An advocate who balances empathetic understanding with courageous feedback and observations.



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