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Rigorous measurement. Practical insight.

Our science-backed approach to talent assessment does not tell us how creative individuals are, it tells us how they are creative.


We use best-in-class psychometric tools to derive accurate, valid inferences about how individuals will create, perform, and lead. Most importantly, our expert assessors put those insights into the language and context of your business.

the Basil Assessment Process

Whether for hiring/promotion, or in-role development, the Basil Assessment process involves a blend of client-specific customization, and standardized measurement.

Every assessment begins with a conversation to understand the history and context of the participant being assessed, and how their role contributes to the organization. This informs how we engage with the assessment participant by highlighting the critical skills, traits, and competencies required for creative performance.

Every assessment concludes with a one-on-one review and coaching session with the participant, including a highly personalized plan for continued development.

Assessent Info

Define the role and context

The participant’s leader provides context on the participant’s role, and their view of the participant’s strengths and development needs.

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Psychometric data collection

The participant completes questionnaires that measure their personality attributes and critical thinking abilities.


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Structured interviews

An expert assessor reviews the participant’s career history with them to build upon and provide context to their psychometric testing. In developmental assessments, 360-degree interview feedback is collected on the participant as well.


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Individualized feedback sessions

The assessment inputs are synthesized into a highly personalized written report, and the participant receives a one-on-one coaching session with their assessor.


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Executive Assessment

Our most comprehensive assessment product, the Executive Assessment is ideal for senior or strategically critical roles.

Express Assessment

The Express Assessment provides a streamlined participant experience and is designed for individual contributor or manager-level roles.

Candidate Profile

Designed to support recruiters and hiring managers, the Candidate Profile assessment provides expert interpretation of psychometric measures along with a personalized interview guide for each candidate.



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